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30 years of Teplolyuks factory!

We celebrated our professional anniversary in the circle of our company
Our plant "Teplolyuks" turned 30 years old and on February 9 we celebrated a significant anniversary of our plant by gathering almost 500 employees to celebrate this important event. It was not just an event, but a real holiday for all of us.

Starting with the official part, we listened to important and inspiring speeches from the company's top executives. Sergey Lebedev, CEO of Atlantic Teplolyuks Group, Sergey Tarasov, CEO of Teplolyuks Group, as well as Yulia Kulagina, HR Director of Teplolyuks, shared their thoughts on the past journey and appreciated the contribution of each employee to the company's success.


A particularly touching moment was the congratulation and awarding of those who have given their faith and labor to the company for 20 or more years. It was a real demonstration of the dedication and solidity of our team.


After the official part, the guests were welcomed by a rich and exciting entertainment program. The evening was very rich thanks to the rousing hosts, drummers' show, quizzes, quizzes, visaul performances and a lot of photo zones on the site, where everyone could make an original photo as a souvenir.

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This anniversary was a vivid confirmation that at Teplolyuks we are not just working together, we are creating a common future, and each of us plays an important role in this. Thank you to everyone who took part in this wonderful event, and may our journey continue in the same spirit - with unity, strength and inspiration!