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How to improve employee satisfaction

Teploluxe case
Julia Kulagina shared how the development of the company's HR processes led to the achievement of a 95% employee satisfaction level in 2022. Conditions of social and economic instability entail new needs and expectations on the part of employees. For the company, this is expressed in a competent prioritization and the ability to respond flexibly to a changed situation. Recently, the HR departments of companies have been faced with the task of not only increasing the motivation of employees and their involvement, but also introducing new HR processes that will help allocate available resources and competently use the full potential of employees. When developing the HR strategy, we focused on the following areas that are important for our company:
Personnel training and development
  • Personnel training and development
  • Improving the social package for employees
  • Involvement of employees in the processes of sustainable development of the company

With a focus on the satisfaction and engagement of our employees in 2022, a diverse training program has been developed and implemented, aimed at the continuous internal development of employees, as well as their growth in the company and in the profession.
We identify five key areas of learning, in accordance with which new development programs were developed and applied:
  • Culture – where the basics of corporate values and principles are broadcast to employees;
  • Soft - programs aimed at developing soft skills;
  • Managers - learning the art of managing;
  • Hard - training and assistance to employees in solving professional problems: work on equipment, knowledge of programs, legislation;
  • WeGA - training in the field of industrial safety and continuous development.

Personnel training and development

When developing training programs, it is important to evaluate and take into account not only the needs of the business, but also the interest of the employees themselves in the learning process, as this directly affects the quality of knowledge assimilation and the ability to correctly apply it in the future. That is why, as part of the Lean management training program (lean production), special modules were introduced - "5S" and "5 Why". The main task was the development of self-learning and the exchange of experience within the teams. This format provided an opportunity for employees to independently assess the state of their workplaces, based on theoretical knowledge, and share with each other recommendations on their productive organization, in accordance with safety precautions and the principles of arranging a comfortable smart space. Finding root causes and ways to solve various problems also helped teams apply a new approach to business. Practice has shown that collective vocational training through the prism of everyday problems helps employees not only feel confident in the workplace, but also contributes to emotional relief, which affects the quality of human life as a whole. Continuing to develop an important area for us, namely personnel training, already in 2023 we are preparing to launch another project - the School of Leaders. The program of the "Schools of Leaders" course is presented in various formats: group internal and external trainings, self-study with the help of electronic courses and special literature, which we offer as part of the corporate library. The required selection of courses has already been collected for each manager on the corporate training portal. If we are talking about face-to-face training, then we gather managers from different departments and with different experience into groups so that managers learn not only from a professional trainer, but also from each other. Thus, in 2022, more than 550 people mastered new training programs, more than 30 welcome trainings were held for new employees, and an integration program for production employees was launched, which involves an integrated approach to embed an employee in the general and production processes of the company. We are proud to have 30 active internal and external trainings and 18 e-learning courses in our portfolio of training programs by the end of 2022.

Improving the social package of services

Along with the training and development of personnel, the health and social satisfaction of employees are an indispensable aspect for us. That is why, despite the changed market of medical services, it was decided to maintain VHI in full and in the quality of the services provided. The level of satisfaction of our employees with the VHI program was 4.8 points out of 5 possible.

Involvement of employees in the processes of sustainable development of the company

Our company pays great attention to ESG principles, and in this regard, we often hold various eco-promotions, involving employees in volunteering. The most striking example over the past year was the participation in the environmental campaign "Save the tree" - by common efforts, almost a ton of waste paper was collected. 2022 was an emotionally difficult year, and the lack of positive emotions within the company became especially acute. In this regard, we have preserved our traditions and even scaled up several important events. Traditionally, we celebrated the spring holidays, held a "Children's Day" for the children of our employees. And in December, on the eve of the New Year, another good tradition appeared - to congratulate employees who have worked for 15 or more years in the company. According to the results of an internal survey of employees on their involvement and overall satisfaction, the indicator for the three companies reached 95%. Along with this, 90% of respondents would recommend their company for employment. In 2023, we are not going to stop there, there are many new ideas and plans. One of the focuses will be to create a self-learning company, develop our talents and attract new ones. We will continue our successful practice of implementing training programs and supporting the social life of employees.

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