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Teplolyuxe achieves record 2023 results

Summarizing the year
At the end of 2023, consolidated turnover amounted to RUB 3.7bn which exceeded last year's figures by 3% and became another record in the company's history. Speaking about the growth of the main product groups, in unit terms, the annual growth in the category "floor heating" amounted to 17%, and in leakage protection systems - 15.6%.

Separately, Teplolyuxe notes its achievements in its core business - in 2023, the company produced 26,400 kilometers of cable, which is almost three Earth diameters in length.

In 2023, the Company provided consumers with affordable quality products - Warmstad and Neptun Aquacontrol, and expanded its range towards premium solutions with advanced technologies: Teplolyuxe Liberte and Neptun Smart+ 18. All these products will be presented at the beginning of the year at Aquaterm 2024.

Capacity expansion was also an important step of the past year - the company launched its own production of Freezstop self-regulating cables for architectural heating. And in 2024, robots will already be involved in the production of underfloor heating. One of the points of growth was also strengthening its position in the field of export. Teplolyuxe reports a successful cooperation with China, where it regularly delivers floor heating produced on the basis of domestic components.

In 2024 the company will continue to conquer the market with reliable and multifunctional novelties. Already at the beginning of the year Teplolyuxe will present a whole series of brand new thermoregulators with electronic and mechanical control. The company is confident that this new generation of products will raise the overall level of convenience, style and reliability of thermoregulators on the Russian market for the coming years.