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Report about our plant for the portal "Made by us"

How Teplolux makes underfloor heating, heating cables and water leakage protection systems in Mytishchi

Sergey Lebedev, General Director of Atlantic Teplolux Group LLC, and Yulia Kulagina, HR Director, spoke about the life of our enterprise in an interview.

It can be said with 100% certainty that when visiting a construction hypermarket, a market or even a small household goods store, you have seen the products of this company on the shelves. Today we will talk about the Teplolux company, which is one of the undisputed leaders in the Russian market in the field of electric heating. The correspondent of "Made by Us" visited the company's production site, located in Mytishchi, and learned about how underfloor heating, heating cables and water leakage protection systems are made.

The company was established over 30 years ago. The founders and the first employees of the company were only a few people, they were from the Soviet engineering school, over the past years the company has grown into a fairly large enterprise with almost 600 employees in its staff.DSZ_6989.jpg

Sergey Lebedev, General Director of Group Atlantic Teplolux LLC:

“We were never just a commercial company, we made products that we invented ourselves. We have always brought something new to the market.”

The company produces more than 4000 items of products. If you break down products into categories of application, then it can be divided into three major areas.


The first direction is underfloor heating and electric heating. These are heating mats that everyone puts in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in tiles, in screed. This is an ultra-thin warm floor Alumia, which can be put under the laminate, under the linoleum. And, of course, in order to manage all this, thermostats are required, which we ourselves have developed and produce in many modifications. These are both simple - with the so-called mechanical adjustment, and electronic thermostats equipped with a touch screen controlled via a smartphone, allowing you to control, program, control from anywhere in the world.

The second direction is a huge number of heating cables that are used in commercial and architectural heating. These are heating of ramps, protection against wear of sidewalks, paths, heating of domestic water supply, protection against ice on roofs and on drainpipes, soil heating in greenhouses.

The third direction is protection against water leakage. It is important to say here that this is not a leak prevention, but protection. Our system, if, for example, it is installed in an apartment, it does not just give a signal or send a signal to the phone, it independently shuts off the water supply. In recent years, we have released systems that can be integrated into Smart Home systems from other manufacturers, that is, these are already RS485, Wi-Fi, Ethernet interfaces, which makes it easy to integrate either into an existing system or build on our smart home system. Houses. I will also mention from the latest news that we have installed a water leakage protection system for installation in the water units of apartment buildings, which will eliminate any serious damage to engineering systems. Our systems are also operated in shopping centers and parking lots.


In addition to the previous areas, we have another one, conditionally called "And Other", which includes such things as heating mats, mirror heaters, which actually occupy a fairly large volume.

In terms of further development, we will focus on improving and developing the existing products. There is our main direction - this is electric heating and a leakage protection system, in which we will develop and offer more and more unique and new solutions for the world, but we do not plan to start making some new products and go to another area. It should be noted that water leakage protection systems are nowhere in the world as developed as in Russia; this development occurs for various reasons, but here we can firmly say that here we are the market leaders. The same can be said about electric heating - here we are in the top of the world ranking.


If we talk about the competitive advantages of our company, I would like to note the following. Against the backdrop of a wide range of products similar to ours, you will not surprise anyone with the quality.

Because there is China, there is Europe, which make both expensive and cheap floors and other solutions. We guarantee our floors for up to 50 years.

That is, it can be called in the full sense of the word - a lifetime guarantee. And this guarantee is fully covered. Of course, there are returns from customers, but for the million floors and other heating products that we produce in a year, returns are a matter of units. In our work we try to always take the side of the client. That is, if there is at least some doubt, we say that we are to blame and, of course, we will fix everything and replace everything. But, again, this is not a competitive advantage, it's just a necessary condition to exist.DSZ_7391.jpg

And our competitive advantage is that today we are a company that is very flexible in its approach to the wishes of customers. The focus of our attention is aimed at creating pleasant and comfortable working conditions with us. Our willingness to produce a specific order and within the time frame that the client needs, our willingness to consult on all issues related to our products, leads to the desire to call us, not our competitor.


Yulia Kulagina, HR Director, spoke about the social sphere:

First of all, we focus on the employees of our company. It is important for us that they are not only protected, but also have the possibility of additional social benefits from our company. For example, last year we launched a VHI program for all employees and received positive feedback from people. Additional places for rest, places for eating have been organized so that people can reboot, relax, spend time in a place outside the scope of the work process. The psychological health of our colleagues is also very important to us, which is why this year we launched special courses on managing emotions on our online platform. Just like in many other companies, we traditionally celebrate key events and holidays. For example, it has already become a tradition for us that on Children's Day, the children of our employees come to us, they have the opportunity to visit the workplaces where their parents work. We organize various activities for them, they have the opportunity to look at the production, at the process itself. And just here it is very interesting that already adult children of our employees then come to us for summer internships, and someone then comes to work. It is important to note here that family values are embedded in the DNA of our company. And our focus is to make our colleagues, our employees feel like they are in a big family here. According to the results of the opinion poll among our employees, the satisfaction rate was 86%, which is a very high result. This shows that what we do for them is in line with their expectations.

In terms of employee training, we have external training when it is required to provide new knowledge and competencies related to working on equipment or when mastering new technological processes. As for the existing and already debugged processes, we have a mentoring system. This year we launched the university, which is divided into several blocks. The first block deals with the culture of the campaign, the principles and internal values of the company. New training programs are constantly being formed and existing training programs are being updated. The next part is about Soft Skill, which allows you to develop skills in public speaking, time management, project management and many others. Also among the curriculum of the university there are trainings that increase technical experience, the so-called Hard Skill. Also for training managers and leaders there are programs on the basics of labor law, leadership, team management.


Sergey Lebedev continued talking about the most burning topic of sanctions pressure.

With regard to the recent changes in working conditions and the sanctions pressure that has arisen. I can say that we have overcome this difficulty. Teplolux is a highly integrated company and we have a closed production cycle, but in the modern world it is impossible to do everything ourselves. The task was set to localize production, find alternative components, and this task was completed. The technical department, laboratory, certification department joined the work. The team of these divisions worked around the clock for almost two months to prove that these are products of our own production, that this is done in Russia. In addition to the difficulties with deliveries from abroad, there were difficulties with deliveries abroad, because we ship 10-15% of our products abroad. And this is not only Belarus, Kazakhstan, but Germany, France and other European countries. And I would especially like to note that the shipment volume has not fallen. And in general, we can say that financially we did not notice these sanctions. Of course, before there were crises and difficulties, and I would like to emphasize that we have grown in every crisis. Therefore, when others leave, Teplolux remains!DSZ_7247.jpg