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Teploluxe promotes growth and development of employees

At the end of 2023, 68 new employees joined the team, 150 people were newly promoted, and 16 of them became managers.

The first half of 2023 was marked by serious progressive changes that affected the entire range of the company's business processes. A particularly significant step was the reassessment and transformation of internal HR processes by actively involving ordinary employees in the generation and implementation of new approaches and sales techniques. As a result of fruitful work, a large number of specialists were promoted and took managerial positions in the company. In addition, new specialists joined the Teplolyuks team, which provided additional perspectives and an opportunity to assess the current processes of the company's development from other angles.

"It is no secret that behind any successful company there is always a professional and, what is not less important, motivated team of specialists. That's why Teplolyuks pays increased attention to the internal corporate processes that provide a comfortable and promising working environment for employees" - says Sergey Lebedev, General Director of LLC "Group Atlantic Teplolyuks".

At the beginning of this year for the first time the strategic plan was implemented according to the Hoshin Kanri methodology - a systematic approach to strategic planning and management of the organization, in the process of implementation of which the directions of the company's activities, goals and tools are established, contributing to the involvement of managers and staff in the development of a common vision and a unified action plan. Incorporating the methodology into business processes has enabled a qualitative increase in the level of communication and sense of collective responsibility in the company, which significantly increases the involvement of middle management.

"The first half of the year was particularly busy as our company launched a global transformation process in the commercial organization of Teplolyuks Group. In 6 months there have been big structural changes and many HR initiatives launched: this includes a new compensation system for the commercial block team, an extended social package, new training programs for employees and customers, as well as the development of our own recruitment system and strengthening of the integration program" - shares Yulia Kulagina, HR Director of OOO Group Atlantic Teplolyuks and OOO Teplolyuks Group.

A bright event was also the long-awaited launch of the Leader School project aimed at improving the level of management competencies important for the company. The project is aimed at developing teamwork, leadership and change management skills. Combining face-to-face and distance learning formats, managers receive knowledge in a convenient format. Regular training events provide not only new knowledge, but also joint learning activities that bring managers closer together, allowing them to work more effectively in a team, improving management skills and the level of cross-functional interaction. Such a project allowed the company to launch new training programs for more than 80 managers.

Paying special attention to the development of production personnel, Teplolyuks launched a training program "Master's School". This unique project includes 10 educational modules aimed at the development of managerial skills, which allow foremen to pass the professional path to the level of shop supervisors and become their future successors.

Within the framework of the "Master's School" participants are offered to study in depth the basic principles of goal management, the basics of prioritization, and the classical management cycle. A special place in the program is taken by the development of "flexible" skills of a master - the ability to communicate effectively, manage conflicts and master the principles of critical thinking. The Master's School is attended by 20 masters and is conducted in both face-to-face and e-learning formats.

Demonstrating the transparency of production and HR processes, in June the company held a series of Town Halls for all production employees, where important issues regarding work and life in the company were discussed. During the session, question-and-answer communication was organized, as well as exchange of opinions and experiences between employees and managers.

Traditionally, once a year the company conducts an employee satisfaction survey, and in 2023 Teplolux achieved 92% employee satisfaction for Teplolux Group and 85% for Atlantic Teplolux Group.At the end of 2023, 68 new employees were added to the team, 150 people received new assignments, and 16 of them became managers.

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