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Almost a ton in 5 months!

Results of the environmental action in GROUPE ATLANTIC Russia

In 2022, GROUPE ATLANTIC Russia has embarked on the path of an environmentally friendly future!

In July, the organization joined the global initiative to save nature on our planet - the environmental project "Save the Tree".

This project was launched in 2009 and during this time more than 500 organizations from various business areas throughout Russia, such as Russian Railways, STS Media, Mail.Ru Group, Intel, Russian Post, DHL, Renault, GAZPROM, Danone and others, took part in the annual action from the Save the Tree project.

During the five months of participation, our company has made its contribution, namely:

- Saved 19 trees

- Saved 19,000 liters of water and 950 kWh of electricity

- Prevented the release of approximately 4,750 kg of CO2.

In the spring of 2023, a nominal seedling of our company will be planted, which will grow for decades.

We thank everyone for participating in this important project for us and the whole world!

Waste paper collection in our office continues.

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