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Save the Tree in GROUPE ATLANTIC Russia

The first results of the environmental campaign
In early September, as part of the Save a Tree environmental campaign, GROUPE ATLANTIC Russia managed to hand over 600 kg of waste paper.
This amount is sufficient to obtain not only a certificate of conservation of natural resources indicating the number of saved trees, saved volumes of water, electricity and prevented greenhouse gas emissions, but also for a personalized certificate for planting a corporate tree.
​​​​​​​A personalized living tree as a gift is original and environmentally friendly! The environmental project provides an opportunity to give useful gifts for the benefit of the Earth's ecosystem.
The campaign runs until the end of the year, so we continue to collect waste paper. I would like to remind you of the need to follow the collection rules!


I would like to note the fact that we managed to collect a large amount of waste paper in such a short time, which indicates the awareness of employees and the formation of an environmentally friendly corporate culture.
We thank everyone who took part in the action and is going to continue to support this initiative!