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The fight against plastic

Simple solutions to reduce plastic waste in production

It's no secret that over-reliance on plastic harms not only the environment, but also humans. In nature, everything is interconnected: what is dangerous for the planet kills all its inhabitants.

Plastic takes about two hundred years to decompose. Once in the ground, plastics break down into small particles and begin to release chemicals into the environment, such as methane and ethylene, which are some of the gases that cause the greenhouse effect.

MZgQfC7TOtE.jpgFactories producing plastic products emit up to 400 million tons of carbon dioxide per year into the atmosphere. Approximately 800 species of animals are now threatened with extinction due to being eaten and poisoned by plastic.

Groupe Atlantic Russia cares about our planet and considers it important to preserve its natural resources and the well-being of the ecological situation around the world.

We not only sort our waste, but also implement measures that help reduce their generation in the course of production activities.

From July 1, 2022, the process of installing the underlay under the handle has been eliminated in the Cable Heaters workshop on the packaging line. Thus, Groupe Atlantic Russia refused to use plastic in packaging, which is more than 1 kg of plastic per day.

Thanks to this, we have already saved more than 83,000 rubles, and also reduced the time of the packaging process (approximately 26 minutes per shift).

For the idea and the result, we thank Alexey Onishchenko, head of the workshop, and Dmitry Filippov, industrial development engineer. We are waiting for new proposals from all employees on the conservation of the natural resources of our vast planet!