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QMS is important!

Groupe Atlantic Russia has successfully passed the recertification audit and received new certificates

A quality management system (QMS) is a style of enterprise management in which managers, engineers and workers strive to improve the quality of products and the enterprise management system itself.

The requirements for the QMS are set out in the international standard ISO 9001:2015, which is called “Quality Management Systems. Requirements".

In simple terms, these introduced rules allow you to trace the entire path of the product within the enterprise (accepting an order from the client, purchasing raw materials, manufacturing products at each stage, checking, storing and shipping products to the client). With such technological transparency, defects in products and shortcomings in technological processes, as well as the causes of their occurrence, are easily detected.

The quality management system consists of the following elements: organization, processes, documents, resources.

Let's understand the concepts.

A process is a set of interrelated activities and operations carried out to produce a predetermined product, result, or service.

The document is a reflection of the processes, which is an integral part of the QMS. The effectiveness of the organization's actions is affected by the availability of documents describing the processes.

QMS resources are everything that quality management provides.

It should be noted that ISO 9001/ISO 9001 certification is voluntary.

The company needs not so much a certificate as a working quality management system that will bring its share of income or contribute to this income.

The benefits of having a certified QMS are obvious:

- improvement of corporate culture;

- reduction of losses;

- Strengthening of market positions due to the growth of competitiveness.

Not so long ago, Groupe Atlantic Russia successfully passed a recertification audit and received new certificates.