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How about cheer up?

The industrial gymnastics program has been launched at our production

A project of industrial gymnastics has been launched at our plant. This program is aimed at maintaining the health and good mood of our employees working on production lines.

Work should bring health, joy and comfort!

The principle of industrial gymnastics is that during the working day there is a certain time for physical activity. which will become part of the work schedule. Let's dive a little into the history of industrial gymnastics.
In our country, industrial gymnastics appeared during the Soviet era, when the Ministry of Health, together with the Ministry of Physical Culture, conducted a study in order to improve the health of production workers, as well as increase their efficiency.
The company was established over 30 years ago. The founders and the first employees of the company were only a few people, they were from the Soviet engineering school, over the past years the company has grown into a fairly large enterprise with almost 600 employees in its staff.


Industrial gymnastics has the most powerful development in Japan. In this country, there is a global problem with fatigue and overwork of the population, and in order to maintain the health of their workers, employers hold several gymnastics a day.


Why is it important to do gymnastics in the workplace?

  • Properly performed gymnastics helps to strengthen the immune system.
  • Gymnastics is an excellent preventive measure against the adverse effects of the environment.
  • Gymnastics allows you to keep working throughout the day.
  • Gymnastics allows you to increase production efficiency.
  • Gymnastics - can be a small step towards getting rid of addictions.

How is the gym going?

  • Duration: 5-8 min.
  • Our goal: to tone up the body, improve blood circulation, reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, raise the mood of the team, take a break from work.
  • Gymnastics is conducted by an instructor-mentor with musical accompaniment to charge everyone with positive and good mood for the whole working day!

Join the Workplace Gymnastics Program!

Here is a set of simple exercises that everyone can perform at their workplace and stay in good shape!

Sit on a chair and stretch your legs forward. Pull your socks. We raise our hands and also stretch. After we return to the starting position. The exercise must be repeated 3 times.2-29-1024x893.png

Встаньте рядом со стулом и положите руки на его спинку. Правую ногу отведите назад, руки разведите в стороны. То же самое повторяем с левой ногой. Делаем это упражнение 4 раза.

3-11-1024x785.pngВстаньте рядом со стулом. Руки положите на его спинку. Правую ногу нужно отставить в сторону, при этом левую руку поднять, а потом вернуть в исходное положение. Такие упражнения нужно повторить 6 раз на каждую ногу.


Сядьте на стул. Ноги нужно вытянуть вперед, а руки держать перед грудью. В таком положении выполняем наклоны в стороны, руки при этом разводим. Стараемся выполнить по 10 повторов в каждую сторону.


Сядьте на стул. Ноги нужно вытянуть вперед, руки положить на пояс. Далее по очереди тянем носочки на себя. Усложняем упражнение – разворачиваем ступню в сторону так, чтоб носок касался пола. Всего нужно сделать 12 повторов.