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Day of the installer of engineering networks

Exhibition and master classes in Ryazan
On April 10, 2024 Teplolyuks, together with its partner - engineering center "Santekhplus", for the first time took part in the annual event "Installer's Day" in Ryazan.

Together with representatives of 21 brands we met on the site of the exhibition of engineering solutions, where new products and existing equipment were demonstrated. The exhibition also involved sharing knowledge and experience with our visitors, where everyone could get answers to their questions about installation and operation of equipment from our experts. At our stand were presented samples of Neptun leakage protection systems and indirect heating boilers ACV Comfort, as well as current product catalogs.

We held an interactive online quiz Neptun, aimed at knowing the range and installation conditions of our water leakage protection systems. According to the results of the quiz, the participants who answered all the questions correctly received valuable branded prizes, including tool kits and umbrellas. For the rest of the participants who answered 70% of the questions correctly, we also prepared branded merchandise - T-shirts, thermal mugs and baseball caps.

At the end of the event we organized a lottery, as a result of which the participants won our products - branded Teplolyuks shoe drying mats.
The exhibition program included art performances, entertainment events, raffles from the organizers, refreshments and much more.