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The cable and electronics industry is feeling confident

Interview of Sergey Lebedev, Director General of Atlantic Teplolux Group LLC, for the portal

Sergey Lebedev, General Director Group Atlantic Teplolux LLC, told in an interview about the life of our companypixlr-bg-result (2).png

Even before the special operation, the cable industry felt confident and independent, we dominated the Russian market. Almost all components for cables are produced in Russia: both metals and plastic compounds. There are, of course, specific products like high-temperature cables, for which we imported materials from Europe and Asia, and we experienced some difficulties in late February and March due to the refusal of European and Japanese companies to continue working with Russia.

But the market is wide, we have found analogues that even surpass the materials that we imported. In fact, the current situation has become an occasion to revise the designs and materials that were used earlier, and find more modern options. Therefore, the cable direction feels very good. If the same need for cable continues in the country, everything will be fine.

If we talk about electronics, then everything is not so simple. And before the February situation, we had problems related to the supply crisis. This also applied to logistics, and in general the general lack of electronics. And now we are completely denied. It is simply impossible to replace Western products with Russian counterparts, because we do not produce them. We design and manufacture products ourselves, but the chips come from China at best. We had to, while retaining the case, actually reinvent products on a new electronic platform: re-lay boards and rewrite programs. But in general, we are coping with these tasks, although the crisis, of course, is not over yet: the company regularly receives new refusals, and often under already concluded contracts.

These difficulties required new investments, as it was necessary to buy components more expensively and contract for a longer period. But we see a good increase, because the quality has not deteriorated, and the resulting shortage of electronics, due to the fact that Western competitors left the market, we cover with our products.

In terms of revenue, the company is also ahead of schedule. In many ways, this was influenced by the growth of the dollar. But at the moment, the prices for our products have actually come to the pre-crisis level and even for some items have become lower. This is especially true for products that are made from Russian raw materials.

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