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How to avoid a flood in the apartment during the departure?

Save your repairs with the Neptun Water Leak Protection System!

Leaving to visit friends or relatives, on vacation or on a business trip, we leave our home unattended. Compliance with a few simple rules will allow the owners to secure their homes from communal troubles that can lead to serious consequences.

One of the most common risks that apartments are exposed to is water damage due to plumbing failures and water leaks. According to SberStrakhovanie, 77% of insured events are due to flooding of residents by neighbors. In 2022, the number of complaints related to flooding of apartments increased by 14%.

Apartment insurance is a universal protection option for a home, which will allow you to receive compensation not only in case of a flood, but also in other unpleasant situations. Another solution that comes to mind, the simplest one, is to turn off the water in the bathroom and toilet for the time of departure. Thus, you can protect yourself from flooding your neighbors, but the risks of "surprises" for you still remain. Before leaving, it is worth disconnecting appliances that consume electricity from the network, you can leave only the systems that control the situation in the house. In this case, in any case, it is important to provide for a responsible person to whom you could entrust the keys to the apartment.


Modern technologies allow you to monitor the security of your home remotely in real time. The category of things that can protect you is a water leakage protection system. “At a minimum, it will help to quickly eliminate the leak and not spoil the interior of your bathroom, and at the maximum, it will save the repair of nearby rooms and not flood the neighbors from below,” experts comment. How does the system work? In places where water can get in the first place (under the sink, toilet bowl, bathroom), leakage sensors are installed. Ball valves are mounted on pipes. When water hits the sensor, a signal is sent to the module, after which the water supply is automatically shut off in a few seconds. The notification will also be sent to your smartphone, after which you can respond to the current situation.

What to do if your apartment is flooded by neighbors, but you are not at home? You should contact your trusted person, neighbors and utilities and draw up a bay act (one of the most important documents for the injured party). By law, utilities are required to draw up an act on the bay no later than 12 hours from the moment you apply (even if you call on the morning of January 1). This period is based on the norm of paragraph 152 of the Decree of the Russian Federation of 06.05.2011 No. 354. After that, it will be possible to carry out an assessment of flooding - it will help to assess the real damage and calculate the amount of compensation.

According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation: "The harm caused to the person and property of a citizen, as well as the harm caused to the property of a legal entity, is subject to compensation in full by the person who caused the harm." In the current realities, the cost of your repair and your neighbors below is disproportionately higher than the cost of equipment and installation of a leakage protection system. Today it is produced by many companies, among Russian developments the Neptun system stands out - it is produced by Teplolux, the cost starts from 16 thousand rubles. And if the system works even once, the savings on forced repairs and worries are obvious. Especially if you live on a high floor in an apartment building or are away and will not be able to return promptly, you should protect yourself.

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