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Teplolux: "One of our principles: "Do not attach too much importance to yourself"

On the integration of new employees, internships and corporate events.
armonti-14-PhotoRoom.pngJulia Kulagina, HR Director of GROUPE ATLANTIC Russia, answered the questions of the Sustainable Development Platform

- How is corporate integration organized in Teplolux?
- Preparation of integration for each new employee begins even before he enters the company. We prepare welcome letters and individual integration plans. On the first working day, the employee undergoes a welcome training, which includes getting to know the history and culture of the company, corporate values and principles.

From the very first day, we try to create a special atmosphere for a new team member, give welcome gifts, pay special attention to getting to know not only the manager, but also the team of colleagues.

We have 7 company principles, one of which is: "Don't give yourself too much importance." That is why from the first day we build open and friendly communication.

- How many corporate events are held?

- For a long time, our ability to hold corporate events was limited due to the epidemiological situation. However, we already have our own traditions. We celebrate February 23rd and March 8th. In honor of Children's Day, a holiday is held for the children of our employees on the territory of our plant, where children can not only see where their parents work, visit the production, but also have fun eating ice cream and cotton candy. This year, more than 70 children took part in the celebration. We also have iconic activities for employees. So, for example, the celebration of Beaujolais Nouveau caused genuine joyful emotions in the whole company.

Naturally, throughout the year we have quarterly reviews with teams and conferences to sum up the results and build plans for the future. Usually this takes place in unusual formats: either on the banks of the reservoir, outside the city, or in culinary studios.

- How do new employees get acquainted with the "inner kitchen"?

- This acquaintance, of course, takes some time. There are formal tools for processes, but there is the most subtle and important - features, approaches. Heads of departments, HR team, just colleagues do an excellent job with this. To understand the inner workings, you need to have a trusting relationship, so we try to broadcast just such relationships from the very beginning of a new employee's work. You can ask about everything, you don’t have to be shy about anything, openly ask questions.

- Which of the activities carried out by the Teplolux HR service do you consider the most effective?

This year in our company is held under the auspices of "Learning and Development" and it is even difficult for me to single out any special event that I would call the most effective.

This year we have conducted many different trainings for different teams of the company. More than 250 people were trained during the first half of the year. We have created our own training and development portal, which is available to every employee, developed a corporate portal where employees can find all the necessary information about the company and documentation for daily use.

For production employees who do not have constant access to a computer and a corporate portal, we have developed a corporate printed digest, which will be issued once a quarter, so that production employees are also aware of all the company's news.

This year we launched an internship and practice program for students of the Mytishchi College and were able to accept 14 people at a time. In the future, we plan to build relationships with other educational institutions, not only of secondary vocational education, but also with universities.

- Please tell us about the mentoring system in the company.

- From July 1, we launched a mentoring program. Each new employee is assigned a mentor after they are hired. He conducts full on-the-job training for a new employee, is a permanent supervisor and support for the entire probationary period.

We developed a special training program for the mentors themselves, and each nominee went through it. We would like to clarify that we consider all candidates wishing to become mentors. Heads of departments, together with HR, conduct special interviews at which they can optimally assess the readiness of an employee to participate in this program as a mentor. We have developed criteria, a portrait of a mentor and an expected result, which allows us to make an absolutely objective choice.

- How is the system for monitoring the implementation of the work plan arranged in Teplolux? Is a KPI system being used?

- Naturally, each Manager has a KPI system and a process for setting goals and objectives.

Since production is undergoing a number of changes this year, we have been implementing the KPI system for production employees (shop managers, engineers, foremen) since August and are still in the middle of this path.

Every day, all shop managers summarize production plans, which allows them to regulate and build joint activities.

- Are employees with special needs employed in the company? If not, do you plan to work in this direction?

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