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Sergej Lebedev spoke about the prospects of Russian industry in the new conditions

The new reality
Recent events have given impetus to forced changes in the business strategy. Sanctions restrictions, intense competition - active restructuring is taking place in a turbulent regime. The destabilization is still being felt. Nevertheless, the domestic industrial sector has shown its readiness for successful work in new and difficult conditions. Director General of Group Atlantic Teplolux LLC Sergey Lebedev told the editors of Made in Russia (part of the REC Made in Russia project) how to reorient in the new conditions.

Despite the difficult situation with the supply of raw materials and logistics, we managed to maintain and even increase production. Of course, competition in the consumer market is now high, but we have a strong position and we see prospects for further growth. In this regard, and also due to the quality of the product, the level and volume of our sales have not decreased in recent months.

We are working with the introduction of both completely new and updated products based on components produced and purchased in the Russian Federation, which were previously supplied from abroad. Almost all components for cables are produced in Russia: both metals and plastic compounds. There are, of course, specific products, such as high-temperature cables, the materials for which were imported from Europe and Asia. At the beginning of 2022, the company experienced some difficulties associated with the refusal of European and Japanese companies to continue working with Russia. But the market is wide, we have found analogues that even outperform the materials, the supply of which was stopped.

If we talk about electronics, then everything is not so simple. For some time we had problems related to the supply crisis. This concerned both logistics and the general lack of electronics. We develop and manufacture products ourselves, but the chips are supplied from other countries. We had to, while retaining the case, actually reinvent products on a new electronic platform: re-lay boards and rewrite programs. The difficulties that arose required new investments, since it was necessary to buy components more expensively and contract for a longer period. But we see a good increase, because the quality has not deteriorated, and we close the resulting shortage of electronics due to the withdrawal of Western competitors from the market with our products.
The R&D center of the enterprise annually develops new types of products and produces a wide range of solutions for a comfortable and safe life, including all types of electric floor heating, anti-icing and snow melting systems for ramps, roofs, and open areas. Group Atlantic Teplolux products are presented in many large DIY chains, are popular with developers, installation companies, large distributors, as well as in municipal institutions.

Last year we received an examination certificate from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This allows you to issue certificates of origin ST-1, confirming that the shipped products are Russian-made. Thus, we have not lost our customers abroad.

To support employees and adapt to these changes, we launched Lean management cycle programs - they are aimed at reducing waste, simplifying, increasing speed and productivity. We conduct trainings, organize comfortable group work.

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