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Students of the Mytishchi Engineering College in practice at Groupe Atlantic Russia


This year, Groupe Atlantic Russia, together with the administration of the Mytishchi Engineering College, organized an internship program for students.

On May 11, 13 college students were admitted to our company for the purpose of internships in the workplace. Prior to the start of the internship, the students were invited to the plant in order to get acquainted with the head of production and his team, where future interns talked about their graduation projects. Based on the presentations, a decision was made on the distribution of trainees to production sites.

One of the college students, Andrey Tokar, showed himself so brightly at the meeting-acquaintance that we were glad to offer him to start his career in the company in the product support group led by Anton Dubovik.

On the first day, a welcome presentation was organized for students, briefing on labor protection, introductory training on QMS and ecology. Also, a tour of our plant was organized for the students, which ended with an acquaintance with the heads of the departments in which they will have an internship.

The further practice program is determined by the leaders, according to the plan of internship sheets and the characteristics of the site.

content (2).jpgPractitioners were assigned to the following areas:

  • Mat and heater production area 
  • Maintenance and Repair Team 
  • REA Plot
  • Industrial Development Department 

As the practice progresses, students will study technological processes and work them out, as well as offer their own options for automating and improving production.

We wish all students good luck and hope that the experience of working in our company will serve their further development and career growth!