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Town Hall in GROUPE ATLANTIC Russia!

A new tradition in our company

In the New Year's month of December, we started a wonderful tradition: for the first time we organized a large open meeting for all production employees - the Town hall.

We got together to talk about the company and about the outgoing 2022 - about our results, achievements and plans. Our event was attended by employees of production, logistics and quality. ​​​​​

Sergey Lebedev, General Director of the plant, recalled the history of the company and its stages of development. Sergey spoke about the main brands and products manufactured by GROUPE ATLANTIC. An important part of the speech was information about the growth of profits and the way of our development for the next year.


Sergey Nikiforov, head of production, touched upon an important topic for everyone - the culture of safety at the plant. Sergey spoke about the productivity of each workshop and shared information about the level of quality of our products. He also spoke about the direction of development of production in 2023.


Yulia Kulagina, Human Resources Director, showed employees the results of the satisfaction survey we all participated in at the beginning of the year. Yulia spoke about the most significant projects of the outgoing year: the category upgrade system that was introduced in production, mentoring, training and development. 


At the Town hall, each employee had the opportunity to ask questions, get answers to them and chat on various topics. Our employees took commemorative photos against the backdrop of the branded New Year zone.


On this day, we congratulated each other not only on the upcoming New Year, but this joint meeting was a great occasion to congratulate, thank and give memorable gifts to our colleagues who have been working for 15 years or more in the company.


We plan to hold open production meetings (Town hall) twice a year, where we will share news and events in our company with all employees.